BY 2050

1 in 3 christians will be african.

reality check

Why is this important and how will Africans play a signifant role in helping to reach the world for Christ?

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  • 6 week internship

    Designed to provide up to 10 college aged students from around the world the opportunity to grow spiritually, in biblical theology, and in practical leadership skills.

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    leadership foundation

    For emerging leaders currently serving with ministries in Africa. The 5 to 10 leaders in each Cohort make a 1 year commitment to attend 3 - 10 day intensives designed to facilitate their growth as Christians.

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  • workshops & seminars

    Provides leaders serving in the local Cape Town area with opportunities for growth in the area of Spiritual Life, Biblical Theology and Practical Leadership Skill.

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    special opportunities

    East Mountain develops and hosts special internships for leaders from around the world on an "as requested" basis.

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